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Kaspersky Lab has reported about Android viruses designed to steal money automatically

Malware automatically interacts with banking applications

Viktor Chebyshev, a leading researcher of mobile threats at Kaspersky Lab, spoke in an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia about Android Trojans that automatically interact with banking applications. After infiltrating the smartphone, Trojans motivate the user to open the application of a particular credit institution and log in to it. And then the malware automatically clicks the necessary "buttons" for the money transfer. This happens so quickly that the victim does not have time to suspect anything by visual signs.

"The developers of such Trojans thoroughly study the structure of the target banking application. Attackers find out that there is a "Login" button in the application and in which area of the screen it is displayed. They know that after clicking on "Log in", fields for entering a username and password appear. And then there is a money transfer button. Based on this information, attackers create a Trojan that uses the documented capabilities of Android for malicious purposes, which allows it to automatically click buttons in the banking application,” the expert said.

At the moment, Kaspersky Lab knows only about one case of the spread of such a virus. However, the expert believes that soon there will be more such viruses since they are very convenient for cybercriminals.

In addition, mister Chebyshev was asked which platform users are more at risk of encountering banking Trojans. He responded that Android. According to the expert, 99.9% of mobile financial threats target Android.

The expert stressed that Russia remains in the top ten countries in terms of the share of users who have faced financial attacks. He added that mobile threats are still active and continue to develop since it is difficult to find both victims and attackers.

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