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PSPCL's Scam Alert: Scammers Attempting to Extort Money

In a brand-new online scam, scammers are now attempting to extort money from victims by posing as workers of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) and demanding that they pay past-due bills. Several business organizations cautioned their members against this trick when PSPCL issued a public notice about it. 

Customers are being warned by PSPCL that they risk losing their electrical service if they do not promptly pay a specified sum.

President of the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association (UCPMA), DS Chawla, provided additional details about the scam, stating that "Any innocent individual who falls for the scam and agrees to make a payment is then asked to download an app by the scammer. As soon as the program is downloaded, hackers take the user's private data, including their online banking passwords and debit and credit card details, so they can steal money from their accounts. We have sent the PSPCL public notice to our members and urged that they utilize either the PSPCL official mobile app or website to pay their bills or the cash counters at department offices in order to avoid falling for any such scams."

According to Dinesh Kalra, "President of Ludhiana Business Forums. Phishing assaults are getting more prevalent every day, and while this attempt to pose as PSPCL workers is new, it has the potential to harm a large number of individuals. However, we also ask PSPCL and Punjab police to track down and prosecute the perpetrators of this scam."

HR Manager of Private Company Duped of ₹28 Lakh


The cybercrime police are looking for a person who pretended to be the managing director of a private company and duped the firm's HR manager into transferring 28.8 lakh online before fleeing. 

On Sunday, the police lodged a case against the unknown individual, accusing him of different sections of the IT Act as well as cheating and impersonation under the IPC, based on a complaint filed by Nirmal Jain, the owner of the private enterprise. 

According to Mr. Jain's allegation, the accused sent a WhatsApp message to HR manager Thirupathi Rao pretending to be Paras Jain, the company's MD. The MD's image was on the WhatsApp profile, and the message stated that it was his personal number and that he was at a meeting and should not be disturbed. 

The individual then requested that Mr. Rao move the funds to three bank accounts online on an emergency basis. Mr. Rao followed the instructions and transferred a total of 28.89,807 to the private bank account numbers specified in the communication. When he told higher officials about the transactions, the scam was discovered. 

Based on the transaction information, the authorities are now attempting to locate the accused. This is a new trend among internet fraudsters who download the profile images of senior executives of organisations in order to scam their office staff, according to experts.