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345,000 People are Affected by a Data Breach at ARcare


ARcare announced a data breach after an unauthorized party acquired access to sensitive information stored on the company's computer servers. The names, dates of birth, financial account information, and Social Security numbers of some people were exposed as a result of the incident.

ARcare sent out data breach notices to those whose information was compromised on April 25, 2022. The Arcare breach, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, affected 345353 people. 

ARcare, a community health clinic in Augusta, Arkansas, offers services such as chronic disease management, behavioral health, and HIV treatment. The healthcare provider discovered the personal information about individuals had been exposed on April 4 and began notifying potentially affected individuals and regulators on April 25. 345,353 people may have been infected, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HSS). 

ARcare learnt about a data security incident affecting its software system on February 24, 2022, according to an official document filed by the business. As a result, the corporation took steps to secure its computer systems and initiated an inquiry to discover more about the incident's origin and scale. 

The data breach alert states, "ARcare is examining and updating existing policies and procedures relevant to data protection and security.ARcare is also looking into additional security measures to minimize any risk related to this incident and to better prevent future instances."

ARcare confirmed on March 14, 2022, how an unauthorized entity had gained access to and perhaps removed sensitive data from the ARcare network. Between January 18, 2022, and February 24, 2022, an unauthorized entity got access to the system.

Ransomware Attack on Hospital Associated with Baby’s Death


An infant birthed in Alabama subsequently died of heavy brain injury due to botching because the hospital faced a ransomware attack, a lawsuit states. However, this 2019 ransomware paralyzed hospital in the United States will defend itself in November against the death of a baby which is reportedly caused by a cyber attack. 

The file is the very first public credible allegation that anyone was killed at least partially by attackers who shut down hospital computers remotely in an effort at extraction, a steadily growing practice in cybercrime. 

The prosecution was originally reported by The Wall Street Journal by Teiranni Kidd, the baby's mother. It says that Springhill Medical Center, a hospital, had not told her that perhaps the hospital computers went down because of a cyberattack, and when she came to deliver her daughter, they provided her severely reduced treatment. 

In 2019, Springhill stated it had suffered a "network security incident," a typical cyber strike euphemism. Springhill stated at that time to see a regular amount of patients, as that of the local news station WKRG reported, although some of them turned away due to a ransomware attack. 

First, in January 2020 Kidd sued the hospital and then modified the case when her daughter died in July. A response request was not answered by the hospital. Kidd refused to speak since her case is underway. 

The legal proceedings showed that Kidd wasn't notified about the cyberattack when she went to give birth to a baby girl and also that doctors and nurses then overlooked several key tests, which showed that the umbilical cord was wrapped all around the neck of the baby and caused brain damage, which resulted in death, nine months later. 

“It’s an awful thing, but we’ve been expecting this for years to happen, because when things go wrong, eventually somebody’s going to die,” Liska said. 

It wasn't the first occasion wherein homicide allegations involving ransomware have been brought, but it is the first instance where a case has indeed been brought before the court. The nearest was an instance from September last when a German patient passed away in a re-routing ambulance owing to ransomware attacked the hospital. At the moment a negligent murder inquiry was initiated by German police and they stated that they could be liable for attacking them. 

Furthermore, given the time and lack of scruples to be directed at a healthcare center, Springhill has refused to name the ransomware behind the July 2019 attack.