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About CySecurity News (Formerly known as E Hacking News[EHN]) : :

E Hacking News[EHN] recognized as one of the leading Information Security news portals, is now CySecurity News.

Ehackingnews was started in year 2010 by Sabari Selvan with a mission to spread cyber security awareness . Ehackingnews has 2.45 lakh readers and an average of 7- 8 lakh visitors a month. Apart from the portal, news is delivered through RSS Feeds, email (Subscribers), Facebook and Twitter. EHN is focused on serving society by providing latest news updates and information on critical areas such as Security Breaches, Cyber Crime, Vulnerabilities, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing Tools and other similar relevant issues. EHN is specially dedicated to educating “Internauts” and assist them in safe and secure use of Cyber Space.

Sabari is also a co-founder of CySecurity Pte Ltd. which was set up in Singapore in 2015 and was formerly known as Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd.


Sandhya Chauhan - Sub Editor
Sandhya is a 2019 batch Gold medallist from AUMP with Majors in Journalism and Mass Communication. A creative writer by profession and a voracious reader by passion, Sandhya is a Bibliophile and a blogger. She is at once both philosophical and factual, with a voice inside which is driven by optimism and wishes to bring a positive change in the world.

Samarth Mishra - Reporter
Samarth is pursuing his bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. His attention to detail led him to opt for writing as the tool to express his views. He has written for e-magazines and also has experience in administering blogs and editing articles. Besides writing and reading, he enjoys outdoor sports like Basketball.

Shruti Jain - Reporter
Shruti Jain is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass communication from AUMP. She holds work experience as a content associate and content writer in various companies. She is a believer in art & literature who seeks to educate people through her stories. She strongly favours that with proper articulation, words can bring about a revolution.

Shivani Tiwari - Reporter
A communication and cyber security journalist covering tech news. Politics, IT modernization, digital transformation, and data privacy enthusiast. Blogger exploring Infosec while breaking Cyber stuff and telling technical tips/stories. Transparency and optimism are my forte.

Suruchi Joshi - Reporter
A student pursing bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an avid interest in writing for data and information technology . Her hobbies include watching documentaries and outdoor sports.

Ishaan Tewari - Reporter
Ishaan Tewari is a student at AUMP pursuing a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has a significant interest in technical writing and aspires to excel in the cyber security field with his diverse writing style. Cinematography, going on adventurous excursions, and reading are some of his other hobbies.

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