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Medatixx Struck by Ransomware Attack, Customers Advised to Change Passwords

The firm explained that the damage has not reached customers and is restricted to their internal IT systems.


Medatixx, a German medical software provider whose products are used in around 21,000 health institutions, advises customers to update their application passwords, following a ransomware attack that damaged their entire operations. 

The business stressed that the impact has not reached clients and is restricted to their internal IT systems and shouldn't affect their PVS (practice management systems). Threat actors may have obtained Medatixx users' credentials, as it is uncertain what data was taken during the attack. 

As a result, Medatixx advises clients to take the following precautions to ensure that their practise management software stays secure: 
  • Change the user passwords on practise software. 
  • On all workstations and servers, change the Windows logon passwords 
  • Passwords for TI connectors should be changed. The aforementioned are preventative steps, according to the business, but they should be implemented as soon as possible. 
The following are the software products whose users should respond to this emergency immediately:  
  • easymed
  • medatixx
  • x.comfort
  • x.concept
  • x.isynet
  • x.vianova
About the attack

The ransomware attack on Mediatixx occurred last week, and the firm is still recovering, with just e-mail and central telephone services restored so far. Additionally, all regional sales partners and customer support lines are operational, allowing clients to contact corporate staff with any questions they may have. There is no confirmation when the corporation will resume normal operations. 

Furthermore, it is unknown whether the actors were able to get any customer, doctor, or patient information. The company states that it has alerted Germany's data protection authorities about the occurrence and will provide an update after the inquiry is completed. 

Medatixx explained in the translated advisory, "It is not known at this point whether or not, and to what extent any data was stolen. It can therefore not be ruled out that the data stored by us has been stolen." 

As per Heise Online, Mediatixx solutions are used in around 25% of all medical institutions in Germany, and this might be the country's largest hack ever in the healthcare system. Furthermore, according to the German news agency, the attackers could steal user credentials through remote maintenance systems.
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