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Microsoft Exchange Online And Outlook Email Service Hit By Outage

Microsoft also acknowledged that Microsoft 365 customers might be unable to access the web portal.


Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage affecting Microsoft 365 services after users experienced problems signing into, accessing, and receiving emails via the gateway and Exchange Online. 

"We're investigating an issue with users accessing or experiencing degraded functionality when using Exchange Online and services," Microsoft stated in a tweet via the company's official Twitter account for updates on Microsoft 365 services. 

Admins were also warned that further information about these ongoing issues may be found in the admin centre under EX401976 and OL401977. 

"We suspect there may be unexpected network drops which are contributing to the degraded experience and are reviewing diagnostic logs to understand why," the company added. 

While Redmond did not indicate the scope of the problem, hundreds of reports on DownDetector have been reported in the last 24 hours by Outlook and Exchange Online customers who have been unable or experiencing difficulty while attempting to log in or email. In an update to the online site, Microsoft also noted that Microsoft 365 subscribers may be unable to access the web portal or any of its features. 

Microsoft explained, "Users may be unable to access or use services or features. We're reviewing diagnostic information and support case data to understand the cause and establish a fix. We're investigating a potential issue and checking for impact to your organization. We'll provide an update within 30 minutes." 

Another Microsoft 365 outage occurred in June, affecting consumers worldwide who attempted to access Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online. Redmond rerouted traffic to another, healthy traffic management infrastructure and performed targeted infrastructure restarts to restore service access and functioning. On July 1, Microsoft stated it fixed the issue that caused this outage. 

"We identified a section of our network infrastructure that was performing below acceptable thresholds. We've rerouted connections to alternate infrastructure and that confirmed the issue is resolved," Redmond tweeted.
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