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 Plex Breach: Alerts Users Must Reset Their Passwords

Plex reported being hacked and revealed that the hackers gained access to its private database .

Plex, a streaming media service, has revealed a data theft and advised users to change their passwords.
According to the company's statement to its clients, all account passwords were encrypted and hashed utilizing the firm's approved guidelines. Nevertheless, there is proof that credentials were accessed. 

One of the most popular media streaming programs, Plex enables users to stream their own audio, video, and images stored on their own personal media servers in addition to movies and live television. It's worth noting that more than 30 million people are registered users of Plex. 

As per a spokesperson of Plex, the exploit affects both streaming and personal media clients. Although Plex is requesting that all customers change their own passwords, the representative would not disclose the number of accounts are affected by the hack. 

About the breach

Various Plex video streaming users reported having trouble logging into their accounts on Wednesday. Troy Hunt, a security researcher, also stated his concern and uploaded screenshots of the issues he saw when attempting to access his account.

Later, Plex reported being hacked and revealed that the hackers gained access to its private database and stole at least 15 to 30 million of its users' usernames, emails, and passwords.

The intruders were unable to access users' private media libraries, which might have contained sensitive media files like private images, pirated content, and other credentials. Payment information, according to Plex, is not kept on the company's servers. 

The company emphasized that because the passwords were cryptographically scrambled, hackers would need to use extra tools to decrypt the hashes and convert them to plaintext. The passwords, as per Plex, were hashed with bcrypt, one of the safe and robust password-protection methods that are also difficult to decode. It urged consumers to enable 2FA and utilize complex passwords on all of their websites, apps, and services. 

The incident's further specifics are still vague, and Plex hasn't officially disclosed the hack on its website or social media. The inquiries were also not immediately answered by Plex spokespersons. 

It's important to use a password manager and use two-factor authentication whenever you can to make it far more difficult for hackers to access your online accounts after the Plex incident. 

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