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Hackers put up a database of drivers in Moscow for sale

The seller asks $800 for 50 million lines with driver data.

 The attackers put up for sale a database of drivers in Moscow and the Moscow region on the darknet. The database worth $800 contains 50 million lines with the data of drivers registered in the capital and Moscow region from 2006 to 2019. It was put up for sale on October 19, 2019. Information from 2020 is offered as a bonus for purchase.

The buyer can get the name, date of birth, phone number, VIN code, and car number of the car owner from the database, as well as find out the make of the car, model, and year of registration.

According to the seller, the information was obtained from an insider in the traffic police. Alexei Parfentiev, head of the Serchinform analytics department, also calls the insider's actions the reason for the leak. “It looks more likely also because the requirements of regulators to such structures as the traffic police, in terms of protection from external attacks, are extremely strict,” he said.

However, Andrey Arsentiev, head of analytics and special projects at InfoWatch, noted that the database could have been obtained not through the actions of an insider, but as a result of external influence, for example, through vulnerabilities in system software.

The forum where the database archive was put up for sale specializes in selling databases and organizing information leaks. The main buyers of personal data are businessmen and fraudsters. For example, companies can organize spam mailings or obtain information about competitors, and attackers can use personal data for phishing.

This is not the first time that traffic police databases have been put up for sale. For example, in August 2020, an announcement appeared on one of the hacker forums about the sale of a database with personal data of drivers from Moscow and the region, relevant to December 2019.

“This is not a single leak. This is a systematic (monthly) drain,” said Ashot Oganesyan, founder of DeviceLock.

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