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The number of Russian bank card sales on the darknet will decline, says Group-IB

Group-IB found out that carding is losing its appeal to cybercriminals. At the same time, sales of magnetic stripe content of bank cards and text data of bank cards decreased in Russia and the CIS, while the market for such data grew worldwide.

According to Hi-Tech Crime Trends Group-IB, the volume of the shadow carding market in Russia and the CIS has decreased by 77%. The number of bank card data posted for sale on the darknet and attributed to banks in Russia and the CIS decreased by 60%.

The market for text data of bank cards (number, expiration date, holder name, address, CVV) decreased by 44%.

A similar trend is typical for the global carding market: its volume decreased by 26%. Group-IB attributed this trend to a decrease in dump sales due to the closure of the largest cardshop Joker's Stash.

At the same time, in the global market, the amount of text data of bank cards in the shadow market increased by 36%.

Group-IB believes that the increase in the number of sold text data is associated with the increase in phishing during the pandemic. The company expects that the number of sales of bank cards will continue to gradually decline.

According to his experts, the activity of skimmers and online stores on the proliferation of these cards in Russia is declining. This is due to the development of banks, for example, introducing systems such as 3-D Secure. Moreover, such protection systems are not widespread in the world. This explains that the market for text data of bank cards has grown worldwide, while in Russia it has decreased.

Experts add that the share of Russian-language messages is growing on shadow forums: in order to minimize personal risks, hackers are trying to steal payment data from customers in other countries, which negatively affects global statistics.

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