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Anonymous Leaks 82 GB Police Data as Protest Against Australian Detention Centre

The data leak was a protest against the bad treatment of asylum seekers and refugees by Island authorities and the Australian government.

Earlier this week, the Anonymous collective released 82 GB worth of emails that belonged to the Nauru Police Force. As per Anonymous, the data leak was a protest against the bad treatment of asylum seekers and refugees by Island authorities and the Australian government. 

Nauru is a small island country in Micronesia, Australia, infamous for an offshore refugee detention camp, for which Australia provides assistance. The total number of leaked emails is around 285,635 and open for direct and torrent downloads via the official website of "Enlace Hacktivista," a forum that tries to document hacker history. 

"Nauru agreed to assess people's claims for international protection and host the facilities required to detain them, while Australia committed to bearing the entirety of the cost. Nauru has a population of 10,000 people, with around 107 asylum seekers as of July 2021. 
The majority of asylum-seekers and refugees on Nauru are from Iran, while many are stateless, and others come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka," says Enlace Hacktivista website. Experts couldn't find out the trove of emails, but Anonymous says that leaked data consists of details related to violence that the Nauru Police Force and the government of Australia tried to hide. 

Anonymous' statement asked authorities to start an inquiry into all accusations of abuse in the refugee detention camp and to compensate lifetime reparations to victims of abuse. It has also asked to end the policy of compulsory immigration detention and permanent shutting of immigration detention facilities, which includes the island of Nauru. DDoSecrets has confirmed the leak and said that the massive data leak is also available on DDoSecrets. 

Besides this @YourAnonNews, a media representative tweeted "anonymous hackers release 1/4 million Nauru Island Immigration Detention Center Police emails documenting abuses suffered by asylum seekers and refugees under successive Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia since 24 August 2018) portfolios." As of now, there is no official statement from Nauru Police Force and the Australian government related to the leak.
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