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How vulnerability in Brocade Might Affect Major Companies

The hacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to take control of the data.

Broadcom disclosed that few softwares made by Brocade, its storage network subsidiary, is hit by various vulnerabilities, and the exploits can affect the products of various big companies. A similar incident happened with HPE earlier this year.

How does the vulnerability impact?

The Brocade SAN (storage area network) management app is impacted by 9 flaws, the patches are available for these security holes. 

Six vulnerabilities affect third-party products like Open SSL, Oracle Java, and NGINX, these are rated "medium severity" and "low severity."

A hacker can exploit these vulnerabilities (unauthorised attacker) and modify data, decode data, and make a Denial of Service (DoS) situation. 

The other three vulnerabilities are limited to Brocade SANnav, these are given "high" severity risk and impact ratings. 

The vulnerabilities let a hacker access switch and server passwords from log files, and hack potential sensitive info via static key ciphers.

About the vulnerability

The security flaws (CVE-2022-28167, CVE-2022-28168 and CVE-2022-28166) were discovered internally and currently no use of the exploit in the wild has been found. 

But the storage solutions of several companies that collaborate with Brocade can be impacted by these flaws. 

HPE in its advisory told the customers that the company's B series SANNav Management Portal is impacted by the exploits and suggested the customers to install the latest updates. 

The flaws can be exploited locally and remotely to leak sensitive info, attempt unauthorised access and modify data cause partial Denial of Service.

Other info related to Brocade vulnerability 

Another Brocade partner NetApp released individual advisories for the Brocade specific SANNav vulnerabilities. The NetApp products have not been affected. Brocade also partners with other big tech companies for storage solutions that include Huawei, Dell, Lenovo, IBM and Fujitsu. 

Security Week says "one of the other Brocade OEM partners appear to have published advisories for the SANnav vulnerabilities so it’s unclear if their products are also impacted. In the past, at least some of them did publish advisories to notify their customers about SANnav flaws."

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