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Telstra Reacts to Optus Hack with Online Safety Tips for Customers

Telstra has sent an informative email to its customers in response to a large number of questions from their own customers.
Since Optus was attacked, the telco constantly reached out to its customers to know if they had been a victim of the data breach, but there are still some customers claiming that they did not receive any official notice from Optus. 

Optus will be covering the number of replacement passports for customers who had their personal credentials leaked during the attack. The Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese stated, “Optus has responded to my request that I made both in the parliament and that Senator Wong made in writing to Optus, they will cover the cost of replacing affected customers' passports." 

Telstra has also sent an informative email to its customers today in response to a large number of questions from their own customers regarding online safety tips. 

Titled "helping to keep you safe", the email from Telstra refers directly to the Optus attack, saying, "Over the past week many of our customers have reached out to us following the Optus cyber-attack with questions about how to stay safe online and to know if their data has been impacted." 

Following the incident, the telco confirmed to their customers that their data is not affected, however, they have "heightened our monitoring and, as cyber-attacks become more regular and scammers become more sophisticated, we all need to remain on alert." 

The following tips have been suggested by the Telco for its customers: 

• Switch on two-step verification with Telstra if you haven't already 
• Remain suspicious of unexpected communications 
• Switch on two-step verification on your bank account and monitor transactions 
• Keep your devices updated 
• Use strong passwords to your accounts 
• Pay attention to what you share on social platforms 

Since Optus was hacked it has taken a week to contact its 9.8 million customers via email, when the press asked Telstra how long it would take them to reach out to their all customers, Telstra's spokesperson said, "We anticipate our customers will receive this communication by close of business today.”
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