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German Citizen Suspected of Major Fraud Arrested by Greek Police

As stated by Greek Police, a 35-year-old German citizen with 4 arrest warrants for fraud and cybercrime has been arrested.


In a police announcement on Thursday, Greece police arrested a 35-year-old German citizen who has been charged with four cases of fraud and cybercrime, out of which three cases are from Germany and one International. The fraud was more than 1.4 million euros. 

On Wednesday, the man arrested for the fraud cases was stopped at Thessaloniki airport in Northern Greece. Later he was taken into custody in the afternoon on a European Arrest warrant and was arrested on Thursday, though police did not reveal his name. 

After further analysis, on Saturday, the organized division of crime and human trafficking of Thessaloniki police found 1,000 photos and videos of child pornography in the mobile of the suspect. The study also revealed that he was accused of leading a gang that included persuading the targeted people to invest large amounts of money. The fraudster made attractive promises of giving good returns. Later the invested amount was distributed to a Europe-wide network. 

The man was also charged with impersonating a police officer while checking into the hospital in a police uniform that was later found in his house. 

While investigating his house, his mother showed the police an ID of a German police officer. She claimed that he was associated with a specific unit investigating networks of pedophiles. After further analysis, the ID was found to be fake, and “the man” had to face a Greek prosecutor in next week for impersonating both a German and Greek police officer. 

On investigating his house and car, police found two license plates with numbers that belong to German state vehicles. Of those two license plates, one was fake, and along with it, fake payment statements of salary from German state authorities were also found. 

The report also mentioned that the fraud was not limited to only Germany, the gang has approached their targets through email and telephone from all across the globe. 

After analyzing the charges on the suspect, he has been convicted of 10 years in prison in Germany for the fraud of 1.4 million euros. According to authorities, the gang has defrauded at least 1,440.991 euros from its victims.
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