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Lockbit Ransomware Attacks German MNC, Threatens to Leak All Data

The ransomware gang threatens to leak all data on website.

LockBit attacks Continental with a ransomware attack

The LockBit ransomware gang has taken responsibility for a cyberattack against the German MNC automotive group continental. 

LockBit also stole some data from Continental's systems, and they are blackmailing to leak it on their data leak site if the company doesn't agree with their demands within the next 22 hours. 

The gang hadn't disclosed any info on what info was extracted from Continental's network or when the compromise happened. 

Ransomware gangs usually post data on their leak websites as a strategy to frighten their targets into settling a deal or into getting back to the negotiation table. 

LockBit threatens to leak data

Since LockBit says that it will leak "all available" data, this hints that Continental is yet to negotiate with the ransomware campaign or it has already refused to agree with demands. 

Kathryn Blackwell, Continental's Vice President of Communications and Marketing, didn't acknowledge LockBit's claims and didn't disclose any information regarding the compromise, she said recently the statement the company has given in the press release regarding the issue. 

As per the press release, the company found a security compromise early in August when the hackers invaded parts of its IT systems. 

Continental's response

As soon as the attack surfaced, Continental took all vital security measures to restore the full integrity of its IT systems. 

With the assistance of external cybersecurity analysts, the organization has launched an inquiry into the incident. The investigation is currently under process. 

The automotive MNC is still to share its findings. Blackwell also refused to link the August cyberattack to LockBit's claims, according to her, she couldn't share any more information at the moment. 

Continental reported sales of €33.8 billion in 2021, and it has employed more than 190,000 people across 58 nations and markets. 

The press release said:

"Continental informed the relevant authorities of the incident and is in close contact with them, including the security authorities. The company is aware of its data protection obligations and – in consultation with the responsible data protection authorities – is taking the necessary steps to ensure they are completely fulfilled.

The security of its employees’, customers’, and partners’ information as well as of its own data is paramount to Continental. That is why Continental has taken and continues to take extensive measures to constantly strengthen cybersecurity at the company."

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