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The Potential Damage to Russia from Cybercrime in 2022 was Estimated at 2.2 Million Dollars

In total, 518 thousand cybercrimes were committed last year, which is almost 2 times more than in 2019.


RTM Group experts believe that the damage from criminal actions using computer technology in Russia this year will continue to grow and may reach 165 billion rubles. 

The growth will be facilitated by the low level of cyber-literacy of the population, as well as people's desire to save money in conditions of rising prices and uncertainty.

In 2021, the total amount of damage from cybercrimes exceeded 150 billion rubles ($2 million). In total, 518 thousand cyber crimes were committed last year, which is almost 2 times more than in 2019. 

According to Yevgeny Tsarev, the manager of RTM Group, the number of successful cyber attacks in 2021 increased by one-third (+35%). And in 2022 the growth of cybercrime will continue and will reach at least 30% due to the development of social engineering schemes and the use of new technologies. By the end of the year, the total damage may exceed 165 billion rubles ($2.2 million). 

Phone calls to a potential victim have become the most common way of fraud, and viruses and phishing attacks are the most popular way of stealing funds. At the same time, RTM Group experts admit that only a small part of those who suffered from the actions of criminals goes to court as they realize that money can not be refunded anyway. 

Experts agreed that fraudsters will become even more active and the growth of cyberattacks will continue since the criminal procedure law is not currently adapted to this kind of crime. In addition, law enforcement agencies do not have enough qualified personnel to carry out investigations. 

According to experts, "people now live in a state of uncertainty of prospects on the one hand, and constantly rising prices on the other," which leads to a desire to save money. And this is abused by scammers in the mail, in social networks and by phone. 

In addition, according to Kaspersky Lab experts, ransomware hackers attacked 16 thousand Russian companies in 2021, while attacks are becoming less massive and more targeted. The company clarified that in 2021 alone, 49 new ransomware families and more than 14 thousand of their modifications were discovered around the world. Before encryption, hackers steal data from companies and threaten to release it to the public unless they are paid.
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