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Alert! Teen Hackers are Using Discord to Disseminate Malware

Cybersecurity experts advise parents to monitor their children's internet activity.


Avast security researchers found a Discord channel where a group of teenagers is developing, updating, promoting, and selling malware and ransomware outbreaks, allegedly to make pocket money. 

The researchers assume they are all minors since they referenced their parents and instructors frequently and casually used age-specific slurs. Researchers discovered their actions via their Discord chat. The hackers sell malware variants of Snatch, Lunar, and Rift and provide a variety of services ranging from data theft to ransomware and crypto mining. 

However, researchers discovered that teen hackers mostly give easy-to-use malware builders and toolkits, allowing users to utilise them without real programming by using the "Do it yourself" (DIY) technique. 

How does the Group function? 

To become a group member or utilise the malware-as-a-service capability, interested parties must pay a charge. The registration price ranges from €5 to €25. Avast researchers observed in their analysis that about 100 accounts have already enrolled to get access to a hacking group. The malware dissemination method is a little unusual. 

The hackers posted a YouTube video displaying a bogus crack for a popular computer game or commercial software, along with a download link in the description. To establish credibility, additional users of the Discord group leave comments on the video, thanking the originator and confirming that the connection works. This method is even more twisted than bots for commenting since it becomes hard to recognise. 

How Should One Handle Teen Hackers? 

This scenario is undoubtedly troubling. As a result, hacking ability among teenagers and minors must be channelled towards beneficial, ethical endeavours for the general benefit of the cybersecurity sector. 

Parents must communicate to their children to understand the motivational elements that drive them to distribute malware. There are several tools accessible on Discord and other platforms to assist anyone interested in pursuing a career in the cybersecurity field. 

The first step, though, is for parents to interact with their children without passing judgement. It is worth emphasising that the organisation distributes unlawful malware without comprehending the gravity of the situation and dismissing it as a prank.
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