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Hacker Alert! British Army's YouTube and Twitter Accounts Hijacked

When the users opened the British army accounts, they were redirected to cryptocurrency scams.


About the Crypto Scam

Threat actors hacked the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the British army. A malicious third party compromised the accounts last Sunday, when the users opened the British army accounts, they were redirected to cryptocurrency scams. 

The Minister of Defence (MoD) press office reported the incident around 7 PM on Twitter. The tweet said that the office is aware of the breach of the army's YouTube and Twitter accounts and an inquiry has been set up to look into the issue. 

It is a matter of utmost importance for the army when it comes to information security, says the MoD office, the army is currently trying to resolve the problem. It said to offer no further comments until the investigation is completed and the issue has been solved. 

However, after four hours, an update said that problem had been fixed, here is the official tweet.

What are the reports saying?

Although only YouTube and Twitter were written in the posts, other reports suggest that the Facebook account was also hijacked. The reports disclosed that the threat actors posted various promotional links to various crypto and NFT scams, these include phishing links to a fraud mint of The Possessed NFT collection. 

On YouTube, the threat actors modified the entire account to make it look like investment agency Ark Invest, they posted live stream videos that featured celebrities like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. 

What makes this attack unique?

This is a very classic crypto scam, the hackers used videos to promote QR codes for viewers to send their crypto money to, and the viewers were told that they'll get double the investment if they do so. The MoD has now taken down all the content that was rebranded by the hackers. 

"Just last week, high street bank Santander warned of a predicted 87% year-on-year increase in celebrity-endorsed cryptocurrency scams in the UK in 2022. It reported a 61% increase in the cases it dealt with between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, with the average cost of these scams increasing 65% year-on-year in the first quarter to reach £11,872" says InfoSecurity.
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