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The Website of the hacker Community Cyberberkut was hacked after publishing secret information

Cyberattacks in the world take place every day, rather every hour and every minute, and many of them are provocations in dirty political games.

This time the attack targeted the Website of Cyberberkut after the publication of materials about how Ukraine with “Western partners” is preparing for provocations against Russia.

Presumably, the publication of secret materials was the reason for a targeted cyberattack.

Hackers from "Cyberberkut" published three scenarios of bloody provocations against Russia, which Ukraine's Armed Forces plan to commit. An interesting fact is that Western countries interested in the defeat of Russia directly manage and supervise the entire military and political life of Ukraine.

The anonymous hacker group posted that all operations are planned in advance with a large of human victims and for the period until January 7, when the Orthodox will celebrate Christmas.

The hacker Community do not disclose their sources of information.
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