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Software for hacking online cinemas is in open access

The losses of Russian online cinemas from vulnerability amount to 10 billion rubles ($136 million).

There was code repository published in Github for illegally downloading movies from Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV+, and other popular platforms. The published scripts allow you to bypass the protection technology used by Russian online cinemas, among others and download video content.

The authors of the TorrentFreak portal reported that on December 28, the software appeared on the international developer platform GitHub for free downloading content from major video services such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Video, Disney+ others. So, a user named Widevinedump published a code to bypass Widevine's DRM protection technology and posted 12 scripts that allow you to download paid content in resolution up to 720p from popular video services.

According to Karen Ghazaryan, Director General of the Internet Research Institute, almost every Internet browser has support for solutions that prevent illegal copying of files: Microsoft PlayReady or Adobe DRM. The DRM bypass technology, according to the expert, can also be applied to Russian online cinemas.

 “It will not be widely used, the mechanism requires special competencies, but professional pirates may well. So the number of movies and TV series uploaded to torrents will increase, which is very useful before the holidays, ”Mr. Ghazaryan believes.

Sergey Nenakhov, head of the cybersecurity audit department at Infosecurity a Softline Company, explains that Russian online cinemas mainly use the same technologies — Widevine from Google and FairPlay from Apple, some additionally embed watermarks in the video to identify leaks.

"But pirates can also make changes to the video stream, adding their own noise and "spoiling" watermarks to confuse the tracks," he adds.

According to experts, given the current level of availability of pirated content in the Russian Federation, this is unlikely to significantly change the situation.

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