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To Reliably Govern Multi-Cloud Workloads, IT Leaders Demand Better Security Insights

Cloud data-in-motion is the most important security element globally.


Gigamon has revealed the results of a Pulse. qa poll of IT and InfoSec experts to identify hurdles in progressing current multi-cloud plans. 

According to a recent Pew Research poll, 64 percent of Americans prefer to work in either an entirely remote or hybrid environment, pushing organizations to deal with the growing complexity of transferring and expanding workloads in the cloud. As a result, respondents to the poll rank transparency over cloud data-in-motion as the most important security element globally. 

"Deep observability across hybrid and multi-cloud setups are required for every firm to stay competitive in a world of enhanced security risk and IT complexity. While each company's journey to service and infrastructure modernization is unique, bridging this visibility gap is critical to safeguarding and optimizing the network in order to provide a superior user experience." Gigamon's VP of brand and technical marketing, Bassam Khan, explained. 

Multi-cloud methods' challenges 

  • The successful administration of multi-cloud infrastructures is being hampered by increasing complexity and cost — 99 percent of respondents said the team lacked or violated an app service-level agreement (SLA) owing to challenges caused by an overly complicated cloud infrastructure. 
  • Attempts by tech executives to transfer and boost workloads in the cloud are being hampered by rising costs and complexity – High cloud expenses, according to 67 percent of respondents, are hindering the firms' ability to transfer applications and workloads as quickly as they need; 96 percent said connectivity bottlenecks or complex cloud troubleshooting attempts hold down migration efforts. 
  • The expense and complexities of cloud infrastructure deplete resources for other ventures and apps, frustrating already overworked IT employees — IT employee irritation was a close second (51%) to a lack of budget (61%) for critical applications. 

82 percent of IT and InfoSec leaders favor best-of-breed third-party security tools over cloud platform provider technologies to overcome these cloud migration bottlenecks and issues. Furthermore, the percent prefers a single point of visibility across the whole environment to a compartmentalized approach to cloud problems.

In a comparable pattern, multi-cloud is utilized. It gives organizations more ways to take advantage of the cloud's benefits. In response to demand, multi-cloud is certainly one of the most popular techniques.
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