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DeFiChain: DeFi Boosts with Decentralized Assets

DeFiChain, specifically dedicated to Decentralized financial application by introducing decentralized assets, bridging the gap with the centralized as


Decentralized Finance (DeFi), based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, has emerged as a prominent technology. It has grown to become an alternative to the traditional centralized system that relies on financial intermediaries like banks for exchanges or financial transactions. It uses ‘Smart Contracts’ on Blockchain-based technology, allowing users a new way to invest, trade, sell, loan or exchange. 

Limitation of Decentralized Finance (DiFi)

Operating as a small financial system in an emerging global movement, DeFi has become visibly popular in the past few months. Decentralized Finance, via Blockchain, has led to an increase in financial security and transparency for users. From lending and borrowing platforms to stablecoins and tokenized BTC, the DeFi ecosystem has been able to launch a network of integrated protocols and financial instruments, that are now worth over $13 billion of value locked in Ethereum Smart Contracts. 

However, along with its advantages, there are some limitations of Decentralized Finance. DeFi being a decentralized system does not allow centralized assets to interact, such as stock options, commodities, and indices. 

What is DefiChain?

DeFiChain comes as a rescue for Decentralized Finance. DeFiChain is a Blockchain system specifically dedicated to Decentralized financial applications by introducing decentralized assets, it bridges the gap with the centralized assets without compromising their DeFi platform with centralism. 

A decentralized asset, also termed as dAsset or dToken, is a token on the DeFiChain blockchain that provides you a price exposure to real-world stocks. For instance, for the stocks, TSLA, APPL, FB, there exist dTSLA, dAPPL, dFB, each of which attempts to mirror the price of the real stock. 

These creations can thus allow the DeFiChain user to buy decentralized assets, so now the user is provided with a method of trading stocks on a decentralized system. DeFiChain has now become a groundbreaking system for investors. While a traditional investor, after buying stocks, will only be able to make money once he has earned profit from the stocks. Once a user buys one of their dToken assets, they will be able to put that into a liquidity mining pool. This will not only enable the investor to make a profit from their dToken when it goes up in value, but also make passive income from their dAssets. 
DeFiChain, with the introduction of decentralized assets (dAssets), has changed the game for Decentralized finance. With incredible user benefits, be it the decentralization of assets or making incredible passive income, DeFiChain is emerging as a prominent blockchain ecosystem.
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