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Data Exposed at County of Tehama, Here's All You Need to Know

County of Tehama advises those whose information may have been compromised to stay alert.
As per the announcement made by the County of Tehama in California, a data security breach that allowed unauthorized access to files on its systems was handled. 

The County of Tehama started mailing to individuals whose data may have been linked to the event on November 17, 2022. The County of Tehama is giving free credit monitoring and identity theft prevention services to anybody whose Social Security numbers or driver's licence numbers were involved.

In addition, the organisation opened an investigation and alerted law authorities. After conducting an investigation, the County of Tehama came to the conclusion that between November 18, 2021, and April 9, 2022, an unauthorised person had gained access to its IT network.

Further findings from the inquiry revealed that the unauthorised user had accessed files on the County of Tehama Department of Social Services' computer systems.

A special, toll-free incident response line has also been set up by the County of Tehama to address any queries people may have. Call 855-926-1376 between 6:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday if anyone has any questions about this incident or thinks their information may have been compromised.

The County of Tehama advises those whose information may have been compromised to stay alert to the danger of fraud by examining their financial account statements and promptly informing their financial institution of any suspicious activity.
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